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Sean O'Sullivan

Sean O'Sullivan

Managing Partner SOSV


Sean O'Sullivan is a Managing General Partner and founder of SOSV. SOSV pioneers and runs world-leading vertical accelerator programs. We also invest out of more than $625M of assets under management. They help fund at the seed stage about 150 companies per year out of the many thousands that apply... to HAX, IndieBio, Chinaccelerator, Food-X, RebelBio, MOX, dlab.

He worked as an engineer, musician, computer programmer, software designer, marketing guy, sales guy, humanitarian worker, war photographer, cinematographer on music videos, short films & documentaries, stock picker, freelance photojournalist, small business operator, venture capitalist, and writer. Co-inventor and popularizer (with my other MapInfo friends) of street mapping on personal computers. He was credited with the co-invention (with George Favaloro of Compaq) of the term "cloud computing"‚Äč. Passable in Spanish; pidgeon French & Arabic & Chinese.

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