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Scott Daspin

Scott Daspin

Investment Banking Director & Prime Brokerage Director Triad Securities Corp.


Scott Daspin is Director of Institutional Sales at Triad Securities Corp., a New York full-service agency broker-dealer that specializes in prime brokerage and investment banking services. He is responsible for establishing relationships with institutional clients such as hedge funds, family offices, registered investment advisors and private companies, and introducing capital for FinTech companies developing Blockchain and other capital markets technologies.

He became the Blockchain SME and Board Member for the Florida Alternative Investment Association after successfully planning and organizing the industry-leading FLAIA Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Forum in April of 2018. He is recognized as a high profile connector within the Blockchain community and collaborates and contributes to many industry partnerships between established and emerging participants. He is a frequent speaker and panelist at industry events.

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