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Satish Pillai

Satish Pillai

Managing Director and CEO TransUnion CIBIL Limited


Satish Pillai is responsible for steering CIBIL into its next phase of evolution by driving partnerships and providing content, insights, and solutions to businesses and consumers for profitable growth. He seeks to strengthen CIBIL's leadership in the financial services sector and continue to be the partner of choice in credit risk management.

Satish also strives to forge CIBIL's collaboration with Microfinance, Insurance, Telecom, Stock Broking and other specified users of the bureau, to provide solutions for enabling insight backed business decisions and accelerate growth in these sectors.

He drives CIBIL’s partnership with the Reserve Bank of India and the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, to provide informative insights for taking timely measures to counter risk and stress and improve the asset quality of banks. CIBIL also partners the government’s drive towards higher financial literacy and inclusion.

Satish is committed to further strengthen CIBIL’s underlying credit infrastructure for enabling faster and cheaper access to finance for borrowers, and driving accelerated growth for businesses. Towards this, CIBIL will enhance its products, content, and insights, besides attracting, nurturing and retaining the best talent.

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