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Samantha Jewel

Samantha Jewel

CEO Climatefood P/L


Samantha Jewel is a creative, environmentally focused executive, author, and speaker, operating at the intersection of technology, climate change, markets, Science and nutrition.

Having launched a blockchain-enabled market place ( for regeneratively produced food in 2019, Samantha is working on improving the assessment of carbon in soils for farmers (as well as urban neighborhoods) through the application of satellite technology.

With over twenty-five years of management experience in hospitality and foodservice, Samantha studied organic food practices throughout the ’90s and introduced organic ice cream and dairy products to the Pancake Parlour restaurant chain which operates throughout Melbourne.

An associated customer education program led to increasing public awareness of organic agriculture as a contributor to a solution for climate change. This program also represented the benefits of biodynamic farming, exclusion of GMO products from the menu and the importance of supply chain integrity for food from farm to plate.

Wearing her Human Resources hat, Samantha implemented the workplace Certificate IV for hospitality, delivering the founder's vision to increase skills in the restaurant industry.

Reflecting Samantha’s long term, holistic approach to food and climate she has authored three books on solutions to climate change (published in seven languages), is an international speaker on the subject and in 2006 bought the first created soil carbon credit.

To support the increasing demand for climate-friendly and nutritious food, and shift away from industrial agricultural processes Samantha is creating a trusted brand, Climatefood, for food products that represent a positive drawdown of carbon from the atmosphere.

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