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Sam Kilmer

Sam Kilmer

Senior Director Cornerstone Advisors


Sam Kilmer leads advisory for fintech, vendors, and investors at Cornerstone Advisors. Sam also conducts selected research and strategic and delivery planning engagements for financial institutions. Sam has worked with many of the top 100 fintech companies, all of the top 4 core providers and 3 of the top 5 providers in each of the digital, lending, and payments markets.

Before Cornerstone, Sam’s experience includes leadership in strategy, analytics, digital delivery, and marketing at two tech firms and two midsize banks, most recently leading strategy and partnerships for one of the industry’s top providers of origination, lending, and core systems.

Cited often in the press and a regular contributor to Cornerstone’s GonzoBanker blog, Sam is a nationally known and sought-after speaker, including Finovate, Financial Brand, and many fintech provider events. He studied at Regents College London and is a graduate of Ball State University.

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