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Ryan Zurrer

Ryan Zurrer

Director Web3 Foundation


Ryan Zurrer is an executive who works to realize outlier returns for stakeholders in token-enabled decentralized consensus networks that leverage blockchain technology.

After a decade working in renewable energy focused on the negotiation, development, execution, and operation of utility-scale renewable generation assets, Ryan discovered Bitcoin in late 2012 and subsequently became very passionate about the Ethereum ecosystem and blockchain technology generally. He began as an Angel Investor supporting start-ups developing deeply compelling innovations with blockchain-enabled networks. Today, his focus is on finding great projects and technical teams that could realize significant network effects with the right tokenization strategy for the Polychain Capital fund as well as finding great investment partners to help Polychain Capital continue its outlier growth.

Ryan brings a deep understanding of the synergies to be realized across relevant fields for most start-ups: commercial, strategic, financial & tax, legal, corporate governance as well as technical. As a former senior executive of large-scale multi-lateral industrial projects in a diverse set of countries and CEO of a major Brazilian energy firm, Ryan's experience allows him to add significant value for talented technical teams in order to optimize their growth.

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