Meet Ryan Seungkyu Lee -
Ryan Seungkyu Lee

Ryan Seungkyu Lee

Co-Founder and CFO SmartStudy


Ryan Seungkyu Lee develops and implements an international business development strategy for SmartStudy in Seoul, South Korea.

SmartStudy developed PINKFONG TV, one of the most successful children's content platforms in the mobile world. The PINKFONG App franchise has accumulated over 1.27 billion views, 60 million downloads, and 6.6 million MAU worldwide topping charts in multiple international app markets(including App Store, Google Play). They are actively seeking to connect with content holders with animations, educational songs, and stories for the pre-schoolers, who are looking to reach a global audience through our platform.

They also operate an internal animation studio that creates proprietary children's contents. He is interested in talking to content acquisition managers across multiple platforms (IPTV, OTT, digital, mobile, etc.) who are interested in distributing our children's animation contents. Their stories have already been received with great enthusiasm by kids around the globe, and they are looking to expand our channels through partnerships.

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