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Ryan Ng

Ryan Ng

Principal and Chief Trader Pareto SG Pte Ltd


Ryan Ng has been in the Forex industry since 2005 when he left his position as a Regional Sales Manager to become a full-time trader. He is also the proud founder and chief coach of 2 Forex Education Companies. Statistical Traders Asia started in 2010, provides education support mainly to all the offline students in Singapore and Malaysia. FXStartsHere started in 2017, brings education online and has students from all over the world.

Ryan has a proven track record of making money from the Forex markets and was ranked #4 in the world in 2009. Over the past 8 years, he has traveled extensively between Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and China to provide Forex education to more than 10,000 students.

His various trading strategies are based on Technical Analysis on the naked charts and he provides daily trade updates to all his students.

Recently, Ryan took up the role of being a Trainer of Cryptocurrency Trading. His vision is to educate everyone who wants to start trading with a solid foundation and understanding of this digital currency market. He aims to bring his world-class education support system which consists of regular revision classes, weekly live trading sessions and mentoring program into the Cryptocurrency world.

As an experienced trader, Ryan realized that all the technical analysis knowledge he had used for Forex works the same way for the cryptocurrency market too. For him, it was easier to trade crypto compared to Forex.

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