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Ruben Theva

Ruben Theva

Global Director (GHQ) - Interim Anheuser-Busch InBev


Ruben Theva is a bold and passionate MBA graduate with over 18 years experience in digital, strategic planning, e-commerce, marketing, product, commercial, global client management, client strategy and business development.

After studying internationally, at Imperial and UCL in marketing, business, planning and strategy, He undertook global transformational, organizational design and change management projects across marketing, strategy and business areas in a variety of company environments to have exposure to the different elements of the marketing mix and across engagement touch-points and to build profitable customer partnerships and global brand development.

Ruben is responsible for successfully developing, and implementing strategic business, and marketing plans to positively impact profits. With extensive experience managing cross-functional, customer-centric and multi-disciplinary teams in multi-business cultural environments on the agency, consultancy and client-side; applying strong team building, and collaboration skills.

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