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Ruben Merre

Ruben Merre

Co-Founder and CEO NGRAVE


Ruben Merre is a serial entrepreneur and launched his first business when he was eight years old when he bought and resold vending machine toys to his fellow pupils. Prior to NGRAVE, Ruben worked for a startup in strategy and management consulting, playing an integral role in scaling the company domestically and abroad. Fluent in six languages, Ruben could really make the difference by leading projects in the local language.

Apart from collecting multiple postgraduate degrees in parallel with his professional life, Ruben played a crucial part in launching the first automated portfolio investment platform in Belgium. Ruben not only led the project, but he also unraveled the algorithm black box by rebuilding the full mathematical logic from scratch, ultimately proposing important quantitative readjustments of the implemented models.

After scaling the platform to other countries, this combination of a strategic, visionary helicopter view and an experienced project management eye for detail made Ruben the obvious choice to lead a large international financial institution’s entrepreneurial endeavor to set up a group-wide algorithmic trading and investment platform from scratch. Ruben led all twenty sub-projects for about two years but then decided to shift his focus completely to blockchain and, ultimately, NGRAVE.

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