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Rowan Fenn

Rowan Fenn

Co-Founder and CEO rise-x


Rowan Fenn is a Father, a Scientist, an Optimist, and an Entrepreneur

As a Father of two, Rowan is responsible for providing a better future for his children and the generations that follow.

As a Scientist, he is fascinated by the challenge of meeting the demands of a growing population that is living longer and getting richer. The scope and scale of the collective effort required to address this simple challenge are comparable to World War 1, World War 2, the Apollo program, the cold war, the abolition of slavery, the Manhattan Project, the building of the railways and the rollout of sanitation and electrification, all rolled into one. And all this to be done within two decades.

Like an Optimist, Rowan believes that together we will meet this challenge and that the answer lies in the rapid adoption of existing and emerging technologies at speed and at scale. He wants to connect the world and to eliminate repetitive, task-orientated workflow, liberating human potential and unlocking the creative capacity required to meet the climate emergency with the urgency it demands.

As an Entrepreneur, he is excited by the scope and scale of this opportunity. Never before has an opportunity so massive presented itself on a timeline so minute, driven by an imperative so existential.

Rowan is the Co-Founder and CEO of rise-x technologies in Australia building the DIANA Platform for the great industrial re-invention. He is a co-founder and CEO of QuayChain, based in Singapore using the DIANA Platform to automate bunkering in the maritime industry, and a co-founder in BioPass, a platform to assure marine biosecurity.

Prior to engaging his purpose, Rowan worked At Accenture and Deloitte in the global energy industry, where he had the privilege of working with the world’s largest and most admired companies in geographies around the globe.

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