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Robin Raskin

Robin Raskin

Founder Living in Digital Times, LLC


Robin Raskin is the Founder of Living in Digital Times (LIDT), a team of technophiles who bring together top experts and the latest innovations to look at the intersection of lifestyle and technology. LIDT produces a number of notable conferences and expos at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) and at conferences and events worldwide. The company’s trademark events include The Last Gadget Standing, Digital Health Summit, FashionWare, Fitness Tech Summit, Kids@Play Summit, The Digital Money Forum, and others.

In a previous lifetime, Robin honed her tech chops at a variety of technology publications. She was the editor of PC Magazine and began FamilyPC and YahooTech!. Author of 6 books, magazine publisher, blogger, TV and radio personality, Robin has been at the forefront of an ever-changing topic: what it means to be digital. She lives in NYC and the Hudson Valley, with her husband, her three drops in now and then children, and closets full of obsolete technology. Her goal is to make sure that everyone reaps the benefits of a high tech lifestyle while avoiding pitfalls.

A recovering journalist, Robin's been writing about technology ever since her husband told her Unix vi would be easier to use than a typewriter. These days she's sort of the Titantic of Technology- rescuing boomers, parents, and kids from getting lost in a digital world. Media-platform agnostic, she's written 6 books, a ton of magazine pieces, and what seems like a billion blogs. She is a frequent public speaker and TV & Radio guest.

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