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Robin Hu

Robin Hu

Senior MD and Head (Sustainability & Stewardship) Temasek


Robin Hu is responsible for the sustainability and stewardship group of Temasek International, an investment company with a global portfolio value of US$200 billion. He oversees a number of the firm's functions including public affairs, institutional relations, foundations & endowments, sustainability policy and investing.

He believes sustainable development and financial growth are mutually reinforcing. The UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) collectively represents US$12 trillion worth of untapped business potential. The corporate world can and must do our part to build an active economy that produces good jobs, a beautiful society that's inclusive and clean earth for healthy generations to come.

Prior to Temasek, he was CEO of Hong Kong-based English language Daily The South China Morning Post, and before that, led the Chinese Language Daily Lianhe Zaobao in Singapore. In both roles, he had the privilege of watching and reporting the biggest story of our lifetime - The Rise of China.

Earlier on in his career in Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Singapore, he was a programmer analyst writing codes, a diplomat, a dot-com entrepreneur, a government official, and leader of international business development. He is grateful to the people who took a chance with me.

He devotes this phase of his career to the causes of sustainability - economic, social-political, environmental; driven by conviction. As the saying goes "Strong Convictions Precede Great Actions". We can make a difference if only We Act.

He enjoys traveling, meeting people, reading, current affairs, photography.

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