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Robert Prigge

Robert Prigge

President Jumio


Robert Prigge is a seasoned strategic leader with experience managing every major business function from sales & marketing to product management to operations, service & support. A first-in last-out execution-obsessed C-level executive with a long record of success all over the globe. Delivers rapid results of revenue growth, operating efficiencies and astounding financial performance through.

He started college at 16, self-taught fluency in Japanese, lived in Asia 15 years, voracious reader, a world-renowned expert in identity, security, & B2B, National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) member.

Robert took Jumio from bankruptcy to profitability and 400% growth in 1 year, started a dozen companies, as VP of Global Sales & Marketing exited Sterling Commerce to IBM for $1.4B, successfully scaled revenue for venture-backed businesses anywhere from $10M to $1B.

Re-imagining Jumio as enterprise business, completely restructured the Spruce Finance business model from software to financing, Infrascale 2014 Employee of the Year

Specialties: Global Sales, Asia Sales, Enterprise & SME, International Expansion, Turnarounds, New Channels & Alliances, SaaS, M&A, Security, B2B, Identity & Facial Recognition, P&L Management, Venture-Backed Growth.

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