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Robert Kauer

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Robert Kauer has in total 30+ years of work experience. He received his engineering degree and Ph.D. from the Technical University of Munich. Since earning his degrees, he has been working in the field of pressure vessel and piping technology, starting as an R&D engineer at the Institute of Pressure Vessel and Piping Design, Experimental Stress Analysis and Plant Engineering in Munich where teaching and examination of students was a major part of his work.

Since almost 20 years Robert is with TuV Sud, one of the leading Testing, Inspection and Certification companies in the word. Throughout his service at TuV SuD, Dr. Kauer has handled various national and international projects related Fitness for Service, structural integrity and inspection to design, program development for nuclear and non-nuclear applications in a pressure vessel and piping technology. Under those are lifetime extension programs for nuclear power plants as well as individual failure assessment projects where in-depth knowledge in Finite-element Analysis and Fracture Mechanics were required. Part of this work always was promoting results and conclusions of such projects in front of authorities and insurance companies.

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