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Riya Mehta

Riya Mehta

Global Health and VR Developer Virtuary The Hospital for Sick Children


Riya Mehta is a young tech enthusiast, global health innovator, and VR/AR developer who is very passionate about the international health care system and research and innovation in exponential technologies. She loves researching emerging technologies that can assist in the cry for a sustainable health care system and building a global organization to improve our international medical platform.

Riya is an innovator at The Knowledge Society, a leading youth program targeted towards using emerging technologies to solve some of the world's hardest problems. She is currently working at the Sick Kids research program and developing research into how neural networks and VR can help to classify diseases in developing countries and the global health crisis.

Riya is working on a project with the hospital called Virtuary, which brings the use of VR Hospitals in developing country clinics through 3D medical visualization & SLAM, which she likes to think of as her personal moonshot. Within the PVS network, Riya is leading a project for 3D printing in newborns during heart and lung surgery.

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