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Rieke Smakman

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Rieke Smakman is an accomplished lawyer drawing on 20+ years of taking decisive action and protecting her clients’ interests through deal-making and dispute resolution. In early 2018 she pivoted her career to pursue her passion (also) for technology, drawn by the promise of bitcoin and "Web 3.0". Rieke enjoys working with partners who share her fascination to leverage technology and push the boundaries, make bold moves, and create an amazing user experience for the communities we serve.

Rieke's passion for law and technology can be traced back to her pre-professional days. She experienced the Internet in the early nineties. Throughout her career as a lawyer, she maintained a strong interest in technology to power my law practice. The emergence of blockchain and Web 3.0, was her ticket into an exciting and challenging world of finance, law, and technology.

Outside of the office, Rieke is committed to getting other women interested in technology. She is fluent in Dutch and English (and speak French and German). She is a well-respected arbitrator in corporate and commercial disputes. She regularly embarks on projects around graphic design and photography, as an extension of her passion for storytelling.

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