Meet Richard Dulude -
Richard Dulude

Richard Dulude

Co-Founder and Partner Underscore VC


Richard Dulude leads the investments in the area of blockchain, AI/ML, XR, and Serverless technologies. As a programmer, turned entrepreneur, turned VC, Richard enjoys digging in alongside the entrepreneurs in the portfolio to help them create value for their customers and realize their vision for what the company could be.

Richard started his career as a quant at Goldman Sachs. He built out a skunkworks team that launched the D2C E-commerce Business at Procter & Gamble before starting his own machine learning startup to mine insights from social media for brands. Richard spent the earlier part of his venture career at Founder Collective before founding Underscore VC.

Richard graduated from Harvard Business School (MBA), and Cornell University (Masters in Engineering & Bachelor of Science in engineering).

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