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Rasha Oudeh is a Zurich based Entrepreneur who is CEO of CEDEM AG - A pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland and Germany specializing in manufacturing and supplying pharmaceutical, food supplements, and nutritional products. Rasha is a very successful business leader working in healthcare industry whilst bridging European Pharma industry expertise with Middle-East region’s patients and businesses. Under her watch, CEDEM AG has become a leading private label service supplier and the 1st choice of GCC region distributors and retailers.

Having operations in Frankfurt, CEDEM AG represents a pioneering and very innovative German project Opticancer. The FIZ Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Centre and its German Genethics Network Partners have entered into a partnership with CEDEM AG, Germany. As an established manufacturing company in the healthcare sector, CEDEM is a sole representative of FIZ and Opticancer in the MENA region. The Opticancer project is a vision is to implement this market-oriented technology which improves public healthcare by tailoring cancer treatments using genetic profiling through utilizing German capabilities and expertise.

Rasha’s journey to success has proven that influence in doing business not only is in the reach of finances but in the art of mastering business competencies and tenacious approach to succeed. Rasha confirms “it takes a lot of dedication and persistence to be successful in the world while overcoming barriers and biases. Through willpower, motivation, determination, and ambition, one can make history”.

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