Meet Pierfrancesco Gherardi -
Pierfrancesco Gherardi

Pierfrancesco Gherardi

Managing Director De Agostini Editore


Pierfrancesco Gherardi is a senior executive with a strong background in management consulting (at Bain & Company). Though he has worked in several industries, he has spent the last ten years in Media where he has been particularly focused on digital transformation.

At De Agostini, along with his team and thanks to shareholders trust, he has created a brand new media business with successful TV channels on different platforms, websites and various digital assets, proving that “traditional” business can be effectively extended and that challenges set by innovation can be transformed into opportunities.

He is an expert in strategy and growth issues as well as in operational management. With a major focus on innovating existing business, he has run start-ups and managed strategic alliances, as in the media scenario of last years sharing risks, efforts and results often looked a wise approach.

He believes that having brilliant ideas is a great thing, but worth little without execution and delivery.

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