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Philip Walsh

Philip Walsh

Visiting Research Fellow University of Winchester Business School


Philip Walsh began his professional career working for Union Carbide Exploration on tungsten and precious metal exploration in B.C., Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, In 1981 he joined Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas as an oil and gas explorationist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In 1984, he returned to Ontario, Canada to take a gas supply operations position with Union Gas Limited. Dr. Walsh managed the geology department and contributed to the evaluation and development of various natural gas storage and production projects.

In 1987 he formed a consultancy to provide technical services to natural gas utilities and producers and his clientele have included many of North America’s major utilities, a number of governmental and municipal agencies, and various Canadian and British energy-consuming organizations.

In 2003 Dr. Walsh completed his doctoral research into deregulated markets, in particular, the Ontario energy market, and was appointed as a Lecturer in Corporate Strategy at the University of Surrey and MBA Programme Director.

He arrived at Ryerson in 2007 to take the position of Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship & Strategy. Dr. Walsh is the Faculty Advisor for JDC Ryerson, Editor of Entrepreneurial Practice Review, a Fellow of the Ryerson Entrepreneurship Research Institute and a member of the Ryerson Institute for the Study of Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition, he currently acts as the Academic Coordinator for the Mining Management program at TRSM and the Chang School.

Dr. Walsh continues to provide consulting services to the North American and European energy industries. He is a registered professional geoscientist in Alberta and Ontario.

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