Meet Paulina Purczynska -
Paulina Purczynska

Paulina Purczynska

Director of IT Initiatives and Testing Department PKO Bank Polski


Paulina Purczynska is a seasoned manager overseeing a few tenacious teams at the department of IT Initiatives and Testing at PKO Bank Polski. Her role at the bank entails actualizing and testing projects in migration, integration, and fintech initiatives.

One of the noteworthy implementations in which Paulina is involved in the digitalization of the state. Her current attentions belong to a series of projects of the strategic and operational variety.

Paulina leads as well as the R&D agile tribe that includes the Blockchain team. Under her leadership, the Blockchain team has implemented a successfully customer-facing solution that is fully operating now. She is supporting country-level Distributed Ledger Technology R&D initiatives involving other financial market players.

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