Meet Paul Knodel -
Paul Knodel

Paul Knodel

CEO and Managing Director Raisin US, Inc.


With two decades of experience in banking and brokerage, Paul Knodel has taken on Raisin’s expansion from Europe across the Atlantic as U.S. CEO and Managing Director.

Prior to Raisin, he ran multi-billion dollar deposit and investment programs, from Merrill Lynch and Citibank where he was VP or Senior VP in a number of product-related roles including deposits, cash, payments, lending, and retirement, to the Robo-advisor Wealthfront where he built up the new company’s investment line as Director of Brokerage Products.

He gained additional experience with financial management in the digital space as a Director or VP at E*TRADE and TD Ameritrade. With an MBA from Boston University, Paul is also a CFP with personal, hands-on experience advising high net-worth individuals.

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