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Paul Foley

Paul Foley

Corporate and Service Production IT Manager Swiss Timing Ltd


Paul Foley is an experienced Chief Information Officer (CIO), expert at developing IT strategies and processes for FTSE -250 and start-up organizations - typically delivering services and products that are commercially viable and offer a strategic advantage, whilst facilitating growth and improving performance.

His key strengths include formulating business strategy and product/service roadmaps to align technology with business objectives. He is equally at home with managing full business-led, project and program lifecycles including conceptual design, development, testing, delivery, and maintenance.

He is experienced with negotiating contracts and selecting project vendors and service providers to ensure that business receives quality deliverables, on time and budget from reliable, effective sources. He is adept at implementing governance to ensure stability, transparency, and security across the organization whilst ensuring productivity.

He enjoys nurturing team and individual development to provide a supportive environment that improves performance, quality, and innovation, and he encourages cultural change across organizations whilst forming trust-based relationships to deliver step changes in both efficiency and collaboration.

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