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Paul Farley

Paul Farley

Head ChilliConnect


Paul Farley is a proven games industry entrepreneur and is currently the Head of ChilliConnect, a Software as a Service (SaaS) Live Game Management platform that enables game developers and publishers to add connected features and run successful LiveOps regards of their scale, or resources. ChilliConnect was acquired by Unity Technologies in September 2019.

Previously, he served as CEO and co-founder of Tag Games for twelve years, enjoying the many challenges of growing a videogame studio from a three-person start-up to its current position as one of Europe's most successful independent mobile game development studios. In his role as chairman, he continues to oversee the ongoing growth of the business.

Paul started his career in the videogames industry as a key member of the design team behind what has become the largest videogame franchise in the world - Grand Theft Auto. He was responsible for the design and build of Liberty City in the original GTA, contributing a number of open-world game-play innovations and also worked on the sequel. Subsequently, he also led the design of a large number of the highly successful console, PC and mobile titles, growing successful design and content teams whilst developing a wider suite of small business and management skills.

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