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Pam Dixon

Pam Dixon

Executive Director World Privacy Forum


Pam Dixon is the founder and executive director of the World Privacy Forum, a US-based public interest research group that is active and well-known for its consumer privacy and data research. An author and a researcher, Dixon has consistently broken critical new ground in her work. She has written respected and influential studies in the area of privacy, including the Scoring of America, a groundbreaking report on predictive analytics and privacy written with Bob Gellman.

She has also written well-known reports on Medical Identity Theft, the One Way Mirror Society Report on digital signage networks and retail privacy, and a series of reports on data brokers, among others. Dixon has testified before the US Congress, the US Federal Trade Commission, the FDA, and other agencies on prominent consumer privacy issues, including issues related to data brokers, big data, health privacy, financial privacy and credit scoring, genetic privacy, the Common Rule, facial recognition, and online and offline privacy. Dixon is a member of the OECD Expert Group on AI.

Previously, she was on the advisory group on health data privacy. In 2015 she was appointed to the editorial board of Harvard’s Technology Science journal.

Dixon was formerly a research fellow with the Privacy Foundation at Denver University's Sturm School of Law where she worked with Richard M. Smith. She has written 7 books, including titles for Random House / Times Books, among other major publishers. Her most recent book, Online Privacy, co-authored with frequent collaborator Bob Gellman, was published in 2011/2012 by ABC-CLIO books. Her reference volume on privacy and surveillance was published in 2016 by ABC -CLIO; her next book on privacy is under contract and set to be published in 2019.

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