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Om Kundu

Om Kundu

Founder InSpirAVE


Cited among "executives who know that customers are the business, and who have a wizard-like ability to transform even the toughest customers’ loyalty into profit", for well over a decade Om Kundu has melded art and science to deliver breakouts for some of the most well-recognized institutions (Citigroup, SunTrust, PNC, Deloitte and as a sounding board to many others) both within and across categories.

Whether in optimizing the value-exchanges between customers, employees, partners, and investors for P&Ls over $40 billion, or in "dreaming up" and then tangibly making products + solutions + touchpoints come-to-life from scratch, spanning diverse roles as a strategist/operator/trusted advisor Om has driven innovation for new-to-market ventures as much as global organizations across Channels (Digital, Direct, Retail), Segments (B2C + B2B), and Geographies in ways that have translated disruptive market-forces into sources of lasting competitive advantage.

As an oft-invited speaker, panelist, chair, and advisory board member of leading organizations, peer-reviewed journals+publications, and countless industry-forums + conferences worldwide, Om shares a yearning -- to inspire and be inspired in moving our increasingly small+shared ecosystem forward -- that he hopes is as endless as the frontier itself.

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