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Oliver Michel

Oliver Michel

Analyst, Investor and Blogger Block 66


In the 90s, Oliver Michel fully participated in the telecom and internet hype, both technically from his position in ExperTeach and as a shareholder. And he has collected a lot of experience on the stock exchange, positive and negative. To the feeling of what a real stock market crash feels like.

In his second career, he has dedicated himself to the topic of Linux and Open Source. At the beginning of 2000, these topics were something special, today it’s Commodity. In the subsidiaries of the MAX21 products have been developed such as the ePost-Business-Box, which is used by Deutsche Post AG for the digitization of mail, or the LinOTP for strong 2-factor authentication, ranked by Gartner among the top 10 products for authentication worldwide, and by the BSI is used in Germany itself and is also recommended.

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