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Noam Zeigerson

Noam Zeigerson

Chief Data Officer Tandem Money


Noam Zeigerson is a proficient International Data and Analytics Executive and Entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience delivering Global Business Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, Predictive Analytics, Data Governance, and Data Monetization. He has developed business opportunities for new companies, successfully managed ambitious commercial targets whilst continuing to develop custom business solutions through utilizing good project management disciplines and maintaining a motivated workforce.

His understanding of a range of worldwide sectors has yielded improved performance levels for clients in Revenue & Profit, Customer Loyalty, Risk Management and Financial Management.

He is uniquely placed with combined entrepreneurial experience, an excellent understanding of business functions and statute and successfully project managed long-term complex Data and Analytics projects with high profiles.

Noam is utilizing robust project management frameworks he has ensured clear leadership and communication channels are evident, implemented the change in cross-functional and cross-business roles, met scheduling and milestones commitments, developed business opportunities, managed risks, managed finances and championed quality management practices.

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