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Nitesh Naveen

Nitesh Naveen

Senior Business Analyst 1.21GWS


Nitesh Naveen is an Agile Business Analyst and Product Owner with over 16 years of experience in understanding digital technology and solving business problems in customer experiences, organization goals & data insights.

He has numerous industry exposure such as Banking, Procurement, HR & Data Management, helping organizations with their digital transformation to improve revenue growth, improve customer experience and bring in operational efficiency through automation (RPA, cognitive and AI), and run programs for Discovery, Experimentation and User Experience and Customer Experience research. Nitesh help organization to build winning marketing and growth strategies via online marketing, events and account management. Validating and testing enterprise solutions. He has a rich mix of technical skills, operations, analytical skills, marketing strategy (online and B2B) and leadership talents.

Technical skills include Digital Transformation, Robotic Process Automation, AI and cognitive services, Cloud computing, and Mobility.

Some of the tools he's using are UI Path, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism for RPA, Digital Marketing Strategy for Online Marketing, B2B Marketing & Account Management, Event Marketing, and Business Analysis.

Nitesh is passionate about building communities and platforms to share knowledge. His professional strengths are strategy consulting, improving top line, profitability, and user experience.

In the last 7 years, his team has built 3,35,000+ communities around Blockchain, Automation and AI, Analytics and Big Data, Agile and DevOps, Mobility, Software Testing, Business Development, HR, CXOs and Internet of Things.

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