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Nisrain Bahrainwala

Nisrain Bahrainwala

President Blockchain at Michigan


Nisreen Bahrainwala is a Sophomore studying Computer Science, with a possible minor in Spanish or Linguistics. She was first exposed to blockchain at the end of her senior year in high school and instantly fell in love with the technology and the community. Her main goal for her term as President is to establish a strong blockchain community on campus, as well as create a pipeline for students to gain a blockchain-focused education. This past summer, Nisreen (and her co-founder, Yunsoo Kim) presented their company and product, Vivica, at the International Blockchain Olympiad, taking home first place. Outside of blockchain, she eagerly explores all things relating to robotics, machine learning, and AI, and has worked at Bosch for the past two summers as an engine calibration intern.

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