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Nick Ogden

Non Executive Chairman Funding Options


In 1993, Nick Ogden founded Multi-Media Investments Ltd, a technology research and development company that brought the Internet to the Channel Islands. This business led to the construction of Europe's first on-line store, Wine Warehouse (October 1994) and the development of the world's first bank-endorsed e-commerce initiatives, 'BarclaySquare', in 1995.

In 1997, he created WorldPay, which guaranteed internet transactions worldwide and led the company through its growth to over 270 employees with 20,000 merchants in 120 countries, processing transactions more than $2Bn a year. WorldPay was acquired by the Royal Bank of Scotland in 2002.

In 2003, he formed Voice Commerce to develop mobile payment systems. This led to enabling individuals to identify themselves using a biometric voice signature and VoicePay was established.

With the arrival of the 2009 European Payment Service Regulations, he applied and became the UK’s first non-bank Payment Institution (PI) and negotiated principal issuing and acquiring membership of VISA & MasterCard.

Subsequently, he obtained memberships of SWIFT securing the IBANN CASH GB 2L and the UK Payments Council and established an Agency Banking agreement with HSBC. The culmination of all these negotiations over a 4 years period led to the creation of the Cashflows account, the UK’s first independent, bank neutral business account, enabling businesses to separate their payments and finance needs.

In 2014, he started work on creating ClearBank® 3 years later and with a fantastic team, and two great shareholders, they launched as the first new clearing bank for 250 years on the 28th February 2017.

During his career, he has raised more than £125M for the 3 businesses that he has founded.

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