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Nebojsa Horvat

Nebojsa Horvat

Teaching Assistant Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad


Nebojsa Horvat finished high school of electrical engineering in 2014 and, while in high school, he had taken part in many competitions and had attended extracurricular courses like Robotics, Algorithms and Advanced Programming. In 2018, he finished his Bachelor studies and in 2019 the Master studies on Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

He has always been fascinated with electricity and electronics. However, while in college, he developed a love for programming as well. For years, he has been developing his skills in parallel programming, web servers and informational systems in general. In 2017, by working on the Internet of things (IoT) project, he discovered distributed systems and fell in love with their architectures. That led him to pursue an internship program in Vega It Sourcing company in 2017. After the internship, he worked for an additional month in Vega It Sourcing in order to finish a distributed system that was responsible for employees’ time management.

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