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Naveed Ihsanullah

Naveed Ihsanullah

Head of Engineering Algorand


Naveed is a senior engineering leader and technologist fascinated by distributed systems and performance. Most recently of Mozilla, Naveed was instrumental in designing and leading the Quantum Flow program that focused 400 engineers to double Firefox’s performance in just one year. Naveed also leads the adoption of new technologies across all browsers to close the performance gap with native applications. These technologies include WebAssembly, SIMD.js, Shared Array Buffer and the still experimental Binary AST for JS (BinJS). Naveed is also previously of Bit9 (now Carbon Black) where he served as Principal Engineer of an enterprise application whitelisting product and then took over the Global Software Repository, a massive cloud-based application reputation system. Passionate about improving how enterprises use technology Naveed has also consulted on large organizational level projects for Fortune 500 companies including Boeing Jeppesen.

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