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Mpho Dagada

Mpho Dagada

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By profession, Mpho Dagada is an author, keynote speaker, talk show host, obsessive entrepreneur, and investor. By nature, he is a solution architect, a passionate conveyor and has been caught on multiple occasions attempting to shift mindsets (cue the debater). By choice, he’s a content curator, creator, and editor who uses the word “cutaway” far too often, a digital visionary and futurist. By circumstance he’s a digital currency mogul, joyously suffering from OCD.

Following his wildly successful investment into digital currency, the chronic entrepreneur bug in him was stimulated which saw him building multiple successful businesses in the fields of Logistics, Hospitality, Education and eCommerce, launching the likes of Invest in Future Currency, NDA Media, Foodz Holdings just to mention a few for modesty's sake. This all leading up to the debut of his first book Mr. Bitcoin - How I Became a Millionaire at 21. The book has since achieved bestseller status in South Africa and was chosen for Exclusive Book's prestigious HomeBru campaign.

Mpho draws on personal life successes and passions to inspire and rally global agents of change to build a more profitable future for all, to ensure that each individual becomes assets in their organizations, advocates of change in their society and leaders in their world.

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