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Morten Barklund is a freelance developer, a creative technologist, a startup entrepreneur, a web technology consultant and a speaker and writer mostly within web technology.

He has 16 years of experience in web development and digital advertising putting in more than 23,000 hours of work in almost 300 websites, games, and applications over the years.

His technology skills have developed through initially ActionScript, Java, and PHP to mostly JavaScript, Node and Python today. He worked with all kinds of frameworks and toolkits. Today it is mostly AngularJS (or vanilla js), webpack, Django and Expressjs plus a ton of node modules.

Morten's concept skills have also been fine-tuned along the way. He has a deep understanding of web API and knows how to combine all the services out there into a lean, mean and efficient solution. He has worked with everything from Facebook over Foursquare to Firebase. He knows how to achieve whatever it is you want to do and how to leverage what's already out there – regardless of your idea being a marketing gimmick or a new unicorn startup.

Morten has been a member of 5 different startups. 2 of them failed due to bad teams, 2 due to bad markets and the hopeful one, Dinnersurfer, failed due to restrictive food regulations. He furthermore helped and advised many startups along the way with prototypes or just technological sparring.

Morten speaks and teaches about programming – mostly frontend stuff.

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