Meet Miguel Fernandes -
Miguel Fernandes

Miguel Fernandes

Founder Dengun - Digital Agency


Miguel Fernandes' passion for the digital world can be traced back to the ZX Spectrum era.

Miguel grew up in Macau, studied in computer science in the Algarve University and founded Dengun and some other companies. He always loved the web and all things related to the digital world. He has been designing and building Web Projects and Digital Marketing Strategies since 1996.

Miguel founded Dengun with some friends out of University and we grew the company from 1 to 70 team members with more than 600 happy clients. Nowadays he is focusing more on international business development and helping other entrepreneurs give life and grow their digital products and projects.

Miguel also founded the Algarve Evolution, it is one of the main drivers of the Algarve Tech Hub ecosystem. It’s a non-profit association of tech companies that aims to bring together local stakeholders and add value to the entrepreneurs and talents based in the Algarve in order to promote and encourage the technological growth of the region.

He has experience in Business Developer, Software Development, Mobile Development, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Python, Blockchain and AI.

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