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Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco

Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco

Chair-International Committee The British Blockchain Association


Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco is a hardworking, ambitious, energetic and confident international policy expert that is extremely passionate about translating complex strategies and policies into practical solutions. She is highly influential and effective communicator with proven ability and extensive experience in shaping and influencing policy direction and managing financing/investment projects with experience working with UK/EU and global governments, financing institutions, media, academia, the international community, housing professionals and other key strategic partners - the goal is to help change lives for the better by providing effective innovative policies and financial instruments that can be delivered to benefit all sections of society.

Specialist in international policy programs; UK/EU parliamentary engagement; stakeholder management; communications and media; business finance and financial regulation; influencing and lobbying; capacity building and intelligence gathering; policy and strategy development; event and conference management; research analysis and project management and EU/global financial policy negotiations.

Her ultimate goal is to influence and shape policy so it results in positive change and be central to building relationships with international partners to share best practice, and work in collaboration to build capacity and innovative solutions that change lives for the better, especially passionate about supporting SMEs and economic empowerment for all especially women and young people who are key elements for inclusive growth and sustainable futures.

Core areas: Blockchain, Economic policy, Financial Policy, Housing policy, Business Finance-SMEs growth; EU/Global policy and stakeholder engagement

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