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Michael Sung

Michael Sung

Professor, Fintech and Innovation Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University


Prof. Michael Sung is a technology venture builder and investor, having founded various companies in diverse high-tech industries ranging from AI, blockchain, semiconductor, and new materials industries. He is the founder and Chairman of CarbonBlue Innovations, a tech-transfer and commercialization platform that is focused on rapidly commercializing and scaling internationally-sourced high-tech innovation. He has a strong background in cross-border technology transfer, strategic industry engagement, commercialization strategy, business model innovation, and hi-tech entrepreneurship.

Prof. Sung is also an expert on blockchain and crypto-finance innovation, as a founding co-director of the Fintech Research Center at the Fanhai International School of Finance at Fudan University. In addition, Prof. Sung is faculty at the Chinese Institute of Economics and Finance, a national-level think tank focused on developing finance innovation policy for the central government. He is also a venture partner for FinNX, a cross-border investment bank platform for Fundamental Labs, one of Asia’s top blockchain funds.

Prof. Sung has served in numerous advisory roles over the years for the HK, Taiwan, and China governments on international tech transfer, innovation ecosystem building, AI, blockchain, and fintech policy for the various top city and ministry-level officials. Prof. Sung was also the chairman of the steering committee for MIT Tech Review’s Emtech HK Conference. He has received various awards for technology entrepreneurship, including MIT Enterprise Forum’s Most Visionary Technology Award and Google’s Solve for X Prize. Prof. Sung received his Ph.D. in EECS at the MIT Media Lab/Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory as well as a graduate financial engineering degree from MIT Sloan Business School.

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