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Michael Astleford

Michael Astleford

Founder and Consul FierceChain


Michael Astleford serves as part of the GBA Leadership team, bringing his expertise in rapid growth, start-up dynamics and business development to assist the organization and it's efforts in strategy, operations, and communications.

Gatherings stories and insight ranging from international off-shore racing to space launch vehicles (aka "rocket scientist", with stops along the way in mono-molecular coatings, classified work, private banks, and corporate Disney, Michael is both an accomplished technologist as well as a seasoned raconteur.

Having received the nickname "Indy" from his dev crew in the dim past (as well as a whip), visualizing solutions and exploring the unknown has made for an interesting adventure.

With an Engineering BS from the US Naval Academy, Michael enjoys the Northern Rockies when he isn't out on the road or the water.

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