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Michael Casey

Michael Casey

Co-Founder and CEO Streambed Media


In an almost three-decade media and academic career in which Michael Casey lived and worked on five different continents, his interests have coalesced around the social, economic and political impact of digital technology and globalization. For most of that time, including 18 years at Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, Michael called himself a journalist. Michael since added other descriptors to his resume: author, researcher, teacher, mentor, communicator, advisor, and entrepreneur. He focuses on projects that harness blockchains and other technologies to improve access to the digital economy and he seeks to advance public understanding of the potential for digital innovation to further the public good.

Michael is the CEO of a soon-to-launch media company called Network Effects, whose videos will be authenticated with breakthrough cryptographic and blockchain technologies. Its content will focus on themes that capture the intersection between new technologies and society.

Meanwhile, at MIT, Michael is an advisor to MIT Media Labs's Digital Currency Initiative and a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management. He is also an advisor to multiple businesses and non-profits. As a public speaker, Michael provides presentations, lectures and consulting services to help audiences and corporate leaders learn about blockchain technology and to face the impact of digital disruption. Michael is the author of five books covering topics of digital culture, economics, and globalization.

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