Meet Michael Albanese -
Michael Albanese

Michael Albanese

CEO Tradewind Markets, Inc.


Michael Albanese is the CEO of Tradewind Markets. With over 20 years in the industry, Michael previously held multiple leadership positions at J.P. Morgan, including Global Head of Agency Collateral Management, Global Head of Securities Clearance, Head of Japan Trustee business, and was a board member of J.P. Morgan Trust Bank Japan, Ltd.

While at J.P Morgan, Michael focused on enabling banks, broker-dealers, asset managers, corporations, and insurers to effectively manage collateral cross repurchase agreements, securities loans, and derivatives trades.

Michael is experienced in market infrastructure across securities markets, online brokerage, and leadership of complex businesses. Michael earned his Master’s of Business Administration from NY University, and a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Language and Linguistics from Georgetown University.

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