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Mia Kleregård

Mia Kleregård

Service Manager Tesla


Mia Kleregård is on a mission is to contribute to a better world by a bold and sustainable leadership. She has extensive and global leadership experience, and are usually found at the forefront of what is buzzing.

Mia is known to be a driven, goal-oriented leader that achieves amazing results through an inclusive management style based on values and diversity. She creates a culture of innovation, creativity, and happiness. Her career has been well rewarded and noticed during the years.

Mia has also participated in several international high-level summits around the world. She is a well-known speaker within the area of leadership, innovation, and sustainability - all with a futuristic approach.

One of her passions is in the field of the emerging Space Tourism and Industry, and how to create a sustainable space by the importance of leadership, structure and human values.

She was one of the experts when the Swedish nonprofit foundation Trygghetsrådet with over 40 years expertise in redundancy, made the report on “The Future of Work” in 2019.

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