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Maxwell Sanchez

Maxwell Sanchez

Co-Founder and CTO VeriBlock


Maxwell Sanchez is Co-Founder and CTO of VeriBlock, a blockchain software development company. He is also the co-inventor of the Proof-of-Proof protocol which enables blockchains to inherit Bitcoin's computational security in a fully decentralized, transparent, trustless, and permissionless manner.

He is passionate about decentralized and trustless technologies since 2011, Maxwell has built remote miner management software, OpenCL/CUDA GPU miners, cloud services, cryptocurrencies, and more for the blockchain ecosystem.

He is a lead developer of the three-year-old Curecoin project which rewards users for contributing idle computing resources to biomedical research, developed the first public blockchain testnet to use post-quantum cryptography, and actively works on alternative blockchain security and scalability solutions leveraging level-2 technologies.

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