Meet Maxim Chernuschenko -
Maxim Chernuschenko

Maxim Chernuschenko

Founder and CEO Cashwagon


A visionary leader with extensive industry expertise, Maxim Chernuschenko has more than 20 years of experience in leading global banks, such as Capital One in USA and France, Russian Standard Bank and consumer finance organizations in South-East Asia.

Working in Asia Maxim realized the huge market potential in serving the underbanked people. In 2017 he founded Cashwagon, a fintech company offering access to competitive consumer finance products on its platform that is used on Cashwagon’s website and mobile application. With more than 7 million registered users of the platform, its mobile application garnered over 4 million downloads.

While Cashwagon is headquartered in Singapore where Maxim and the management team are based, the company operates outside of Singapore in five South-East Asian countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Malaysia. It is poised to expand into India in 2020.

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