Meet Mauro Casellini -
Mauro Casellini

Mauro Casellini

Head of Blockchain and Payment Service Providers Bank Frick & Co. AG


Mauro Casellini is responsible for the blockchain business lines at Bank Frick in Balzers, Liechtenstein. He is leading a team of 15 employees who are responsible for advising corporate clients and payment service providers as well as providing consulting on Token Offerings and all requests related to blockchain and crypto.

Mauro is mainly focused on the question of how to increase the efficiency of business processes using new technologies. Mr. Casellini began his career in the financial industry in 2006. In the meantime, he has been Head of Business Development as well as a Management Assistant.

Over the last years, he worked on the development of a variety of new business cases and business models. The cryptocurrency expert, Mr. Casellini has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Strategy Management.

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