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Matthias Sheikh

Matthias Sheikh

Chief Strategic Officer and Partner Block Gemini


Matthias Sheikh is a German Award-Winning Entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about technologies with the ultimate target of solving some major humanitarian issues on this planet.

At the moment Matthias focuses as the Chief Strategist at Block Gemini helping Enterprises to implement Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts and AI into their traditional Systems. Successfully this been already achieved in some major Multi-Billion Dollar Supply Chain Enterprises.

Over the past 17 years, Matthias has built a unique position in the fostering of relationships. Having traveled extensively across the globe to conferences, conventions, roundtable meetings, and key business events. Matthias has positioned himself well with relevant decision-makers, CEOs, politicians, royals and big thinkers in positions of influence and authority.

Focused on understanding the needs of his client and getting the best possible results. Innovation and rising the efficiency of anything is Matthias' key aspect. His curious Eye for details always finds flaws, bugs, and improvements. Matthias identifies the missing tile immediately.

Following German Quality Standards, Matthias has implemented his research and experience in business to allow for a more target and result-driven business model for his clients. His success in this field is unparalleled as he is well respected by his peers and his clients for his dedication and the network of connections that he can offer.

Matthias is committed to the promotion of further understanding of what business leadership is, and what the sustainable development of business enterprise means, as well as pursuing the development of relationships in these fields. Clients can be assured that they are receiving the highest standard of services to lead them and their businesses into the future.

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