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Matt Lucas

Matt Lucas

Blockchain Global Engagement IBM


Matt Lucas is a technologist with over 20 years of industry experience, currently working at IBM in the global blockchain team. His career has spanned most aspects of software engineering, from development and test, through team leadership, software design, architecture, consultancy and software product management.

He spent his time talking to clients, either one-on-one or to larger audiences. He is considered a worldwide expert on distributed ledger technologies for businesses, advised on blockchain solutions for many clients and have given keynote sessions, presented on a wide variety of technology and business topics, participated on panel discussions in various industry forums and conferences, and performed several guest lectures at various universities. Matt has had articles published and written many blog posts on blockchain and other topics.

Matt spent a lot of time teaching blockchain good practices and industry/product trends and directions. He has been presenting to worldwide audiences for over 15 years, have published many articles on systems integration and have filed several patents. He is keen to teach and motivate the next generation of computing professionals and has been a STEM ambassador he worked with teaching institutions from primary schools to universities.

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