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Mati Greenspan

Mati Greenspan

Economic Consultant GoodCoin


Mati Greenspan loves helping people make better investment decisions and maximize returns. He has a deep passion for understanding the financial markets and discussing the best trading opportunities to invest in.

He is a contributor to Business Insider. He is frequently quoted by financial media including Bloomberg, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, and Time's Money Magazine.

His responsibilities at eToro include updating clients and employees on market events, preparing a daily market analysis by email that is read by thousands of market participants, preparing training courses, live market webinars, and Facebook streams, speaking at seminars, making viral videos, and writing articles and blogs for the investment community. He also works directly with eToro's highest equity clients to assist personally with their portfolio management.

In October 2017, he became GoodCoin's Economic Consultant. He has also been the Financial Consultant at Westland Real Estate Group since 2001.

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