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Martti Malmi

Martti Malmi

Senior Software Engineer ERA INC


Martti Malmi is the first coder to work alongside bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

He earned Satoshi’s trust enough to be given admin access to the website, and most of the changes in bitcoin’s second code release are attributed to him.

In his first email to Satoshi Nakamoto, in May 2009, Martti had offered his services: "I would like to help with Bitcoin if there’s something I can do," he wrote.

Satoshi quickly gave Martti practical suggestions for how he could help the project. The most important was the simplest: to leave his computer on with the Bitcoin program running. Five months after Bitcoin was launched, it was still not possible to trust that someone somewhere was running the Bitcoin program.

In the very first recorded transaction of bitcoin for United States dollars, Martti sent NewLibertyStandard 5,050 bitcoins to use for seeding the new exchange. In return, Martti got $5.02 by PayPal.

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